Spoiler Dragon Ball Super


Day ago The countdown to Dragon Ball Super s unwanted end has begin. There are just a few more episodes left in this fantastic series, which will air its last episode at the end of March, at least for the foreseeable future until the animation studio behind the series, Toei Animation, announces new de.s. As for the .Hours ago The preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super teased Vegeta s last stand with Jiren, but how does it even get to this point with both Goku and Freeza still in the Tournament of Power? According to a batch of spoilers for Episode , when Goku falls from exhaustion, Vegeta . Dragon Ball Super Episode Recap With Spoilers. By Nick Valdez . The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode, where Vegeta unleashed a giant build up of power in order to defeat the newly crowned of Destruction Toppo. Only Jiren remained standing for Universe against .