The Seven Lively Arts


The Seven Lively Arts is an American anthology series that aired on Sunday afternoons in on CBS television. The series was executive produced by John Houseman, and hosted by New York Herald Tribune critic John Crosby. Alfredo Antonini served as the musical director for several episodes. Thele was taken .The Seven Lively Arts evolved from the concept of the seven Liberal Arts of ancient times. These were the key subjects one would master to become a scholar. But Rudolf Steiner felt that these liberal arts, once considered high arts, had become abstract sciences and that teaching needs to be alive rather than abstract..Written in , THE SEVEN LIVELY ARTS is a cele.tion off popular cultures, covering theater, the movies, vaudeville, variety, the circus, dance, and the visual arts. Readers will be thoroughly familiar with some of the star profiles Al Jolson. Eddie Cantor, Marry Pickford, Pablo Pic.o. Other subjects have vanished into .Seven Lively Arts. Original Broadway Production. A Musical Revue Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter Ballet Music byr Stravinsky Book by George S. Kaufman and Ben Hecht Sketches by Moss Hart, Robert Pirosh, Joseph Schrank, and Charles Sherman. Tryouts began at the Forrest Theatre, .Even Lively Arts” opened last evening with champagne, a $ top and a bang. Into both it and the Ziegfeld Theatre he acquired as a home front, Billy Rose has piled a little bit of everything but the and if that could dance or were pretty, it probably would be there, too. “Seven Lively Arts” no longer is what it .