Marvel Legacy Wolverine Returns Comics

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Though he returned months ago in the pages of the oversized Marvel Legacy s universe spanning story, Wolverine s friends and family appear to have remained in the dark regarding the fact that he s no longer among the deceased. The popular mutant has remained floating under the radar in the . The big news of the week is, of course, that Logan, the true Prime Universe incarnation, returns in the pages of Marvel Legacy , and he possess one of the Infinity Stones to boot. Marvel Comics released the information earlier today, with Axel Alonso stating, “After three years of a Logan free Marvel . He s back! After three years, and so many alternate versions, Marvel s most popular mutant hero has escaped the great beyond. This week s Marvel Legacy revealed that someone very powerful has gone through the trouble of resurrecting Wolverine, while setting him up to claim an Infinity Stone.. Certain Marvel Comicsles starting in January will contain, at the end of their story, appearances of Wolverine, as he makes his return to the living and goes on the hunt. Seen in Marvel Legacy , escaped from his adamantium tomb and sporting an Infinity Gem he is also due to play a strong part in . Wolverine is now the star of Marvel s next big comic book event. So when Marvel announced that it was killing Wolverine in , it set off comic book sirens. Now, with Legacy, Marvel will presumably bring Kinney and Old Man Logan into the same story as the real Wolverine s return. At this point .


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