Italy Football Ultras

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Italian Football Stadium Where Catania Ultras Killed A Police After Battles Outside

Italian Football Stadium Where Catania Ultras Killed A Police After Battles Outside

Italian Fans

Italian Fans

Football fans in Italy are notorious for their feverish support the Italian word for fan, “tifoso”, translates as those who have typhoid. But Bucci was drawn into the even more ardent world of the “ultras” knit firms of fanatics, created not just to support a team but to promote the group s ownnd and .The term Ultras was used as a name for the first time in when supporters of Sampdoria formed the Ultraso Cucchiaroni and fans of Torino formed the Ultras Granata. The style of support that would become synonymous with Italian football developed most during the s as more groups formed including the . The Tessera fan card has been decimating away fan attendances in Italy for the last eight years, but signs are starting to emerge that it could be on its way out and the Ultras are returning to the Curvas regardless. After decades of violence in Italian football, in the authorities finally took action..This is not your run of the mill football guide. No, along with Richard Hall, I embarked on a journey into the cryptic world of Italy s Ultras. The aim? To shed some light on one of Calcio s most beguiling and contentious features. In Britain, we oftenociate the word Ultras with hooligans . It is understandable given the .

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