Canadian Pickers


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    Corporate sales and acquisitions sales and acquisitions.

  • Canadian Pickerss It Quits Tv Eh

    Final Episodes of Canadian Pickers Air on HISTORY in December All Day Marathon Leads into Final Two Episodes on Monday, December Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens, the Canadian Pickers, have picked their way from coast to coast, buying and selling unique pieces of Canadian history. Over the .

  • Huckleberry Pickers

    I am going to share this closely guarded little secret, one that commercial wild huckleberry pickers have known for decades HUCKLEBERRY “PICKERS” some very simple tools, will turn wild berry picking.

  • American Pickers Cineflix Productions

    Featuring a little known side of the antiques business, join professional pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel the back roads .


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