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Define up and up an honest or respectable course used in the phrase on the up and up..Fixing up a car to drive in it again searching for the water hoping for the rain up and up, up and up down upon .The idiom on the up and upwhose exact origins are mysterious, though it dates from the late th century, is likely American, and appears to come from sports bettingmeans open and honest, legitimate and on the rise. Though some dictionaries emphasize one definition or the other usually the first , the idiom is .On the up and up meaning, definition, what is on the up and up Someone who is on the up and up is honest and can be trusted Learn more..Hmm Not so sure about up adding nothing. For me British English . “She kept studying until dawn” is clear and straightforward. “She kept studying right until dawn” is not clear, or idiomatic. “She kept studying up until dawn” is also clear but doesn t really add anything to the first version here the up is redundant . If I want .

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