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The 143 Million Campaign

Catalyst is recognizing our call to care for orphans and widows (James 1:27). As believers, we feel led and committed to respond to this call in the year ahead. If you do not know, there are 143 million orphans around the world. This statistic has gripped the Catalyst community and left a desire to be the hands and feet of Christ to those in need. Below are four important initiatives you can join. We are committed to care... are you open to what God has next?

By purchasing a key chain or Christmas ornament for $10, you can be a part of creating sustainable businesses in Kenya, which directly impacts the quality of life for young children in this country. Click here to buy a one-of-a-kind 143 X key chain or ornament to keep as a reminder for the children of Africa and the 143 orphans million orphans around the world.

See the story of how 13,000 x's were made in three weeks by a village in Kenya.

Share your love, prayers and support with a boy or girl who lives in poverty. Click here to learn more about sponsoring a child in need.

Re-live a powerful moment from Catalyst 2009 when Jimmy Wambua met Mark, his Compassion Sponsor of 19 years, for the very first time.

We want to introduce you to a creative new way to alleviate poverty and empower hard work within the poorest communities of our world. It's called microfinance, and simply put it's giving small loans to people in great need. These small loans are enabling families to fund small businesses in their villages and communities. The average loan is only $100 and the initial loan is paid back in full 99.6% of the time within just six months. That small loan is then shared with a new family for continued transformation and so on and so on. This little idea is changing families all across the world, and through Never Ending Hope, we all have the opportunity to join this eternal story of restoration.

“Where do we begin?” Whether you have your heart set on adopting an infant or older child born in the United States or want to explore the world of international adoption, Bethany provides more than direction through walking you through the entire process. Bethany’s experience has helped over 33,000 children find loving homes.